The photo shows the Ambassador of Belgium in front of an important painting by a Flemish painter of 1650 depicting a scene from the Iliad (the abduction of Helen).


The Ambassador of Belgium, Ms. Françoise Gustin, hands over to the Society for Hellenism and Philhellenism (SHP), a flag offered by the Belgian Parliament, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary from the Greek Revolution and the opening of the Philhellenism Museum.

SHP warmly thanks the Speaker of the Belgian House of Representatives, Ms. Eliane Tillieux, and assures that it will forever honor this flag which will symbolize the long-standing bonds of friendship between the people of Belgium and Greece.


Τhe Speaker of the Belgian House of Representatives, Ms. Eliane Tillieux


The Philhellenism Museum honors, among others, Belgium, which has contributed in many since the Renaissance the promotion of the Hellenic culture, as a cornerstone of Western civilization and the European integration.

The Philhellenism Museum exhibits works of art by Belgian painters on the theme of the Greek Revolution, as well as the history of Belgian Philhellenes who fought in Greece on the side of the Greeks. It also presents the actions of the Philhellenic Committees operating in Belgium.

One of them is Augustin De Lannoy (December 28, 1798, July 6, 1826), who died in Andros.



SHP thanks the Belgian diplomat and Philhellene Mr. Theo Dirix, who assisted with his research the actions of SHP to study the biographies of the Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourgish Philhellenes who supported the struggle of the Greeks for national independence.



The Ambassador of Austria Mrs. Poppeller was given a tour of the Museum of Philhellenism. The representatives of the Museum had the pleasure and the honor to present to her the evolution of the history of Philhellenism, the exhibits of the Museum, as well as paintings by artists from Austria of the 18th and 19th centuries.

During the visit, SHP (Society for Hellenism and Philhellenism) presented to the Embassy the biographical notes of Philhellenes of Austrian origin, who participated in the Greek Revolution and fought on the side of the Greeks.

The photo shows Ambassador Poppeller next to a painting with a Greek mythology subject by the great neoclassical painter Angelika Kauffmann (1741-1807).

Reference was also made to the Zografeio School of Ioannina, Greece, which honors in the context of the celebration of 200 years, the Austrian Philhellenes. The Zografeio School is named after an emblematic family of National Benefactors of Greece, the Zografou family, who connect the Greek people with Vienna and the friendly people of Austria.

The Philhellenism Museum

Presentation of the newspaper TO BHMA on the occasion of the visit of the American Ambassador G. Pyatt.



US Ambassador Geoffry Pyatt visited the Museum of Philhellenism and the periodic exhibition on American Philhellenism, part of the 1821-2021 program: USA & Greece 200 years of friendship. The exhibition will be officially inaugurated in April 2021 and will highlight the long-standing bonds of friendship and cooperation that unite the two countries on the basis of the principles and values ​​of classical Greece.





SHP announces with great pleasure that the Museum of Philhellenism is ready to open its gates. The Museum tells the fascinating history of the Philhellenic movement from the Renaissance until today, presenting over 2.500 important works of art, paintings, books, documents and items of all kinds.

The Museum’s website will be ready soon, which will also offer a virtual 3D tour.

As of the first day, the Museum attracted huge interest internationally. Here are some examples: