The 6th episode of the TV series SKAI “1821: the Heroes”, is broadcasted on Friday, November 5, 2021, at 21.00, and presents the story of two emblematic Philhellenes. The shooting took place at the Philhellenism Museum, which supported the production with the necessary interventions and archival material.

Lord Byron, the romantic English poet inspired by the Greek struggle, and Dr Samuel Howe, the American physician who starred during the revolution, are the two faces of the Greek War of Independence featured in the 6th and final episode of the dramatic documentary series ‘’1821: the Heroes’’. Antonis Karathanassopoulos and Spyros Stamoulis play Lord Byron and Samuel Howe respectively.

The episode presents the life of Lord Byron through his travels in Greece which was the source of inspiration for many poems. The way he embraced the Greeks and their struggle, his participation to the philhellenic committees, his effort to unite the Greeks in a just manner, and finally his last trip to Messolonghi which was fatal for him but highlighted Greece and its struggle. Similarly, Dr Samuel Howe, coming from Harvard, did not hesitate to follow Greek fighters in their campaigns and offer his medical services and later to organize a humanitarian aid. Informing America for the revolution, he manages to raise a large sum of money and participates in the organization of infrastructure in the newly formed state. Through these two persons we underline the selfless offering and sacrifices of many foreigners and we define what a Philhellene really means.

Watch the trailer of the episode here: