Become a Friend / Volunteer

The Philhellenism Museum welcomes friends and volunteers.

Friends of the Philhellenism Museum / SHP

  • They have unlimited access to the Museum, periodic and permanent exhibitions free of charge.
  • They have free access to all events in person or online.
  • They participate for free in all the educational programs of the Museum.
  • They have a 25% discount at the Art Shop of the Museum.
  • Annual subscription: 50 Euros

Volunteers of the Museum of Philhellenism / SHP

Those interested can apply to offer assistance to the Museum in the following areas:

  • Technical support of events
  • Artistic event support
  • Writing articles / texts / studies which after approval are published on the site of the Museum and/or the one of SHP
  • Museum and events security
  • Advertising – Promotion
  • Press office
  • Social Media

If the application is accepted, the Museum can, depending on its needs, assign roles to certain volunteers. In this case, the volunteers enjoy all the benefits that the friends of the Museum have, without paying a subscription.