The staff guided the Ambassador to the premises of the Museum and presented to him the exhibits, the history of the philhellenic movement, and the important role played by the many Polish philhellenes who fought bravely on the side of the Greeks as volunteers, as well as journalists, artists and intellectuals who supported the philhellenic movement of their time.

The Society for Hellenism and Philhellenism (SHP) referred to the Philhellene, national poet of Poland, Adam Mickiewicz, to the officer Franciszek Mierzejewski and to the unit of Polish volunteers, who fought bravely in Peta, and sacrificed their lives to support the Greek struggle.

In parallel, SHP presented a commemorative medal depicting the Polish hero of the Greek Revolution Franciszek Mierzejewski.



Moreover, SHP presented to the Ambassador the model of the Philhellenes monument that will be placed in the centre of Athens.

Ambassador Artur LOMPART delivered to the Museum, on behalf of the Senate, the upper house of the Polish parliament, a flag as a symbol of friendship between the Polish and Greek peoples, and stated the following: “The Greek Revolution and the heroism of its fighters, inspired many enslaved nations, including Poles who lived under foreign rule at that time. We are connected by similar historical experiences and a belief in the ideals of freedom, for which we often had to pay the highest price. This closeness of our peoples is visible also today”.


SHP assured the Ambassador that it will continue together with the Museum of Philhellenism, to promote with their work, the common cultural values ​​of Greece and Poland, and the continuous philhellenism as a virtue, to serve the constant progress of our societies.